Flauterville at SOS

Flatuerville at SOS, London, UK December 2008
Laurent Godard at Smith’s of Smithfield

For Godard, the imaginary village of Flateurville is a work of artistic obsession where he has created a visceral world of townspeople in a narrative that has no end. From the main protagonist, Marcel Martin, to the mischievous P’tit Louis on his bicycle, Flateurville is both a reflection of every village and an intimate look into Godard’s powerful imagination. “Smith’s” of Smithfield and Halfslant invite you to acquaint yourself with these intriguing portraits which, as you wander through the building, invoke a quiet history of one small French village, and in turn, enter into a dialogue with the history of Smithfield.

The pairing of “Smith’s” of Smithfield and the artist Godard stems from their shared appreciation for the history of a particular place. “Smith’s” of Smithfield owner, John Torode, prides himself on the dedication to the quality of ingredients featured on his menu, a dedication that begins with understanding the history of the Smithfield meat market.

Special Thanks: Daniel Scheffler, Nico Malaisé, David Perez, Beatrice Minns, Livi Vaughn, Henry Llewellyn, Katy Ling